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At Griffon Alpha our Price of Services is determined after a careful consideration of all factors involved. Here are some of the common elements we look at:

  • Complexity of the task
  • Location of the event
  • Time of service
  • Level of training of the personnel required
  • Length of shifts
  • Number of staff
  • Technology and consumables required
  • Supervision and paper work preparation

We understand that every client is unique and that no two financial situations are exactly alike. For this reason, we make sure to use an individual approach with our clients, taking into account their capacity to pay for the services they require.

Our managers are always ready to provide you with an accurate, obligation-free custom quote. They can tailor the services based on your project’s needs and will even provide valuable advice on which aspects of your project you can keep and which you can do away with. In any case, we stay true to our commitment to cost-effectiveness without compromising the quality of results we deliver.

Griffon Alpha’s prices are the most competitive in the market. As we value your trust, we assure you of transparency and that there are no hidden and sudden charges.

Request a free quote by sending us an email, fax, mail or by calling us over the phone. You can also click and visit our  “Contact Us” pages.