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At Griffon Alpha, we understand that security is a priority for any business. Our clients can rest assured and confident that with us, their event, property or work site is at good hands at any given time.

Griffon Alpha aims to provide our clientele with reliable and affordable security services that are appropriate to the requirements and risk profile of their projects. Our management team utilises a combined industry experience of over 15 years across all states and territories in Australia to organise jobs at multiple levels, address concerns and provide vital security-related advice.

Griffon Alpha believes that providing topnotch services involves having the best people for the job. Our security personnel are highly trained and experienced. They are uniformed and possess the necessary licenses and clearances from Australian authorities. We encourage continuous improvement through regular managers and employees training programs and certificates, allowing us to provide security services that are on par with the best in the world.

At Griffon Alpha, we offer exclusive, tailored services at very competitive prices. We are proud to offer the following security services:

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